Traditional Art

It should be of no surprise that a black and white photographer started off with a love affair of charcoal. A medium with deep blacks and when applied with chalk or a hard eraser gives crisp whites. Other mediums I have used are acrylics and pencil, but I prefer charcoal for its quality of line and the enjoyment of blending with my fingertips.

Mar 2007

Charcoal More

Wings for Demons and Angels

Start to a series I have been thinking about.

-- 1999

Charcoal More

Spiderish Dead Bolt Bird

Both are A1, created with charcoal and chalk.

-- 1997

Charcoal More

Warhammer Kll Business

All done at college. Produced from magazine/ newspaper clippings, scaled up to A1, created with charcol.

-- 1996

After School

Still Life Study Self Portrait Crossed Lines Sadistic Thoughts Detail Synthetic

A collection of images done after school.

My initial step into the arts, so long ago I cannot even remember my first drawing. During my school years art was my favourite subject. All other subjects seemed only to feed its reason. After leaving school I decided to specialise in art at college, a choice I am grateful for. Unfortunately after leaving college I have not kept up my skills. My work in photography has opened my eyes to new ideas. This subject will never be dead to me.