Fractal Art


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May 2010

Stereo Fractals

Spatial Harp stereo Spatial Harp colour stereo Spatial Harp anaglyph Handle stereo Handle colour stereo Handle anaglyph Funnels stereo Funnels colour stereo Funnels anaglyph Dual Angle stereo Dual Angle colour stereo Dual Angle anglyph Centripetal stereo Centripetal colour stereo Centripetal anaglyph

Mar 2009

Dancing Flames

Loop Link Dual Angle

Feb 2009

Blue Scrape

Madboy Lobe Idol Decay

Four fractals, main difference between each is with the final FX transformation.

Jan 2009

Apophysis More

Iris Feather

Nov 2008

Gradient Plane

Lovely Spikes Marked Space

Two fractals which came into their own once the final FX triangle was applied.

Nov 2008

In a Space

Billow Spatial Harp Filament

A few fractals created via apophysis 3D hack. Heavy post processing in photoshop, using multiple renders to build the final image.


Latest, 1