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Jul 2009

Fractal Detail

Three Senses Living Skull Dead Weight

Three drawings started in charcoal and chalk, detail and contrast added in photoshop with a pen tablet. Then finally added texture with renders from apophysis.

Mar 2007

Multimedia More

Wings for Demons and Angels

Feb 2007


Scotland Collage

Aug 2006

Golden Ratio

Golden Moon

Aug 2000

Prague Doodles

Mat on the Sat Jzz Flutz Acydle Falayly

Three pieces created while on holiday in Prague, around summer 2000. Images were sketched fast while in various places, including jazz bars (JzzFlutz), outdoor restaurants, etc. Once image was sketched, detail was added while relaxing back at apartment. Images were then scanned then doctored. Soft shading was blurred and line work was sharpened.


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